Innovation day

Good afternoon,

Today I will be talking about innovation day.

This year for innovation day, majority of the grade 8 class had done a project on levers. It was about researching and analyzing levers. I had done the levers project with my good buddy, James. James had unfortunately gotten sick therefore I had to continue on my own for a while meaning I had to do more work because I was 1 human doing work for 2. I really wasn’t very excited about this project from the start but when James was gone I couldn’t be as productive because I had to keep asking questions that weren’t always answered. Since I was alone I had gotten less work done and as a result of this I didn’t do a great job.

In the end I would not like to do this project again.

Here’s the link to our video.


My Biosphere

Hi, our class made biospheres in science and now I will show you my biosphere and the recipe.


  1. Aquarium gravel (4 cm) from Walmart’s pet aisle.
  2. Activated charcoal (2 tbsp) from Mr.Ray
  3. Coffee filter from my kitchen / Meirav (mine flew away)
  4. Dirt from the soccer field (6 cm)
  5. Two large rocks from the forbidden hideout
  6. Three sticks from the forbidden hideout
  7. Around 10 worms and some ants
  8. A little bit of grass (I forgot to add plants I did this as we were going inside)

Here is my video….

Book Project

For our class’s book project we had to read a book and then create an artifact about the book that we read. For my project I read a biography about Steve Jobs and for my artifact I turned it into a childrens book. Sometimes it was difficult because there are many big words that are harder to explain in simpler form but I still managed. Anyways, here is the book I made on Google Slides:


genius hour

for my Genius hour, I will be making an Amphibious car.

here is one video I will watch to create my project.

I will try these steps and if some don’t work I will tweak some and make them work better.

  1. I will plan it out
  2. I will watch some videos
  3. I will draw it out probably x2
  4. I will gather materials
  5. I will plan out how I will build it
  6. I will try it and if it doesn’t work I will tweak these steps or re-plan how to build it
  7. after that, I will probably be done







Some animals I saw on vacation


For my winter vacation, my family and I went to Hallandale Beach, Florida.

We stayed in a fancy apartment that my grandparents rented for 4 months. At the apartment, we had a beautiful view of the blue salt-smelling ocean, and one sunny morning, my dad was sitting on the balcony  glaring at the ocean like my dog when he sits in front of the upstairs window looking down at the backyard when he saw 2 wild dolphins heading towards Miami, and then my dad came inside and said: “I think I see something in the water!” So my brother, sister, mom, Zaydie, and I all came outside to see, and we looked into the distance, and saw about 4 more dolphins also heading towards Miami. We all thought that was really cool! After my dad and I went on a nice walk on the beach, when we saw about 4 washed-up jellyfish (to be more specific, washed up Man-o-war) because of the really strong waves and the strong current, it was crazy, then we kept walking on the wet sand, it felt like my feet were sinking into the sand, and we saw a red flag which means dangerous current and a purple flag which meant dangerous wildlife, which was a bummer because I really wanted to go in the water but my dad didn’t let me. We kept walking down the beach, and we saw some more jellyfish it looked like it had rained jellyfish. Then we had finally reached Morah Lianna’s apartment, it was only three apartments over from ours. We were going to go and see where my mom and my sister went and we saw them as they were leaving Morah Lianna’s apartment. On our way back to our apartment we saw more and they were bigger than 2 inches so I thought that they were blue Ziploc bags, so I touched one, I thought about taking it out of the sand but just to be safe I didn’t. Then we went to Gumbo Limbo a turtle sanctuary and saw hurt turtles getting better. A couple of days later, we went to  Zoo Miami where we saw really cool animals and I also met my baby cousin Ezra for the first time and it was really fun. The animals that I saw were really cool, it was the BEST VACATION EVER!